Alden Shoe – Plaza Balmoral (LSW)

It’s been about 5 years since we’ve had the Plaza Balmoral in stock. (Please see the last photo to see how a 5 year old pair has aged.) After the initial response in-store we realize that it should be a shoe we have on order constantly.

A simple and versatile shoe, the Plaza Balmoral works great with suits all the way down to jeans. One may even wear the black version with a tuxedo.

Available in black or color #8 shell cordovan.


12 Responses to Alden Shoe – Plaza Balmoral (LSW)

  1. Hi!

    I’ll visit Hawaii in this week.(19, Jan)
    (I’ll be back home 24, Jan)
    Can i reserve color #8 balmoral? My size is 9D or 9E.

    THank you.

    • John,

      Sorry, we do not hold shoes without full payment. If you would like to order a pair please call or email us to check availability and to purchase.



  2. some weeks ago i purchased the balmoral #8 & black in the Aberdeen last, when i knew that you will bring it out in the plaza…i’m a little bit sad.
    Very nice in the plaza last, congrats!

  3. Hi, I wear size 8D in Alden $1493 (unlined chukka boot) and 7E in john lobb city ii.
    What would be the proper size for me? Do you have my size in both black and #8? Thanks!

  4. Do you have any narrow sizes in B or C?


  5. Do you still have a 8.5 in black? Thanks!

  6. はじめまして。

  7. I wear the Alden cordovan tassel loafer in an 11.5C. Do you have a pair of the Alden Plaza Balmoral (LSW) in #8 color that will fit me? If so, I will send payment immediately. Please let me know.
    Richard Kuyath

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