Saint Crispin’s – The Simply Wholecut (LSW)

Saint Crispin’s “Simply” Wholecut has to be one of the most spectacular RTW shoes we have ever encountered. The difficulty of making a real full wholecut model most times limits them to full bespoke orders. Seeing this amazing style as a RTW model is quite rare and special.

There are no seams visible because the shoe starts out simply as a piece of leather with a hole in it. The shoe is lasted very carefully for about 9 weeks.

($2900.00, lasted hollowed shoe trees included)

4 Responses to Saint Crispin’s – The Simply Wholecut (LSW)

  1. Hiļ¼Œcan I ask is this made by cordovan or calf?

  2. Nice. Is this a dark purple? What colour suit or pants would you recommend pairing these shoes to? Thank you.

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