March 28, 2013

Saphir is our polish of choice here at Leather Soul. We’ve just received a restock of a full line of creme, wax polish, shell cordovan polish, and Renovateur.

We have neutral, black, dark brown, medium brown, and burgundy creme, black and burgundy shell cordovan polish, black, dark brown, and burgundy wax polish, and of course everyone’s favorite, Renovateur in stock.

(Creme, SC Polish, and Reno $20.00, Wax Polish $8.00)

3 Responses to Saphir

  1. Is it bad that all I see in this photo are the bottles of Black Maple Hill?

    That stuff is delicious.


  2. I have a pair of Alden LWB in Walnut calf and have had a tough time finding a good color match in paste wax polish. What Safire color would you recommend?


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