John Lobb – Woodcote in Plum Museum (LSW)


April 17, 2013

The austerity brogue is one of our favorite shoe designs. John Lobb’s version, the Woodcote, is another stunning example of this design.

Available in plum museum calf, the ideal shade to match navy and grey trousers.

(8000 last, $1685.00, shoe trees included)

2 Responses to John Lobb – Woodcote in Plum Museum (LSW)

  1. I’m green with envy at the sight of that Brora 25.

    In attempting to get into the spirit (wa-hey!) of things, here are some suggestions for further impressive whisky and shoe marriages for your consideration:

    Meccariello and St. Magdalene

    Spigola and Springbank (Local Barley)

    Bestetti and Black Bowmore

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