JM Weston – Alligator 180 Loafer (LSW)


April 18, 2013

We’re not going to lie, this isn’t a shoe for everyone. But for those who can pull it off, it’s an amazing look, right out of the pages of 1960’s GQ.

JM Weston’s 180 penny loafer is one of the top three iconic men’s penny loafers in our opinion. It is now available in two shades of alligator, camel and burgundy.

($4495.00, shoe trees included)

5 Responses to JM Weston – Alligator 180 Loafer (LSW)

  1. Both are Outstanding!


    They look Amazing !

  3. Markham Healey on

    I have John Lobb “Campus” in crocodile. Why are these so much cheaper than JL Croc shoes? Is the detail or quality of the shoe or skins not as good?

    • Markham,

      Yes, we do believe the skins are a lower quality (yet still very nice). There are a few construction details that are to a finer degree in the John Lobbs as well. We hate to say this, but you are also paying a premium for a John Lobb/Hermes product as well.



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