Alden Shoe – Barrie NST (LSW)


April 19, 2013

Three skilled women at the Alden factory are responsible for all of the handsewn NSTs and LHSs that go through the factory floor. It obviously takes more time for these handsewn shoes to be made but the wait is definitely worth it for this special detail.

This color #8 burgundy NST is a model we regularly stock on the Aberdeen last, but rarely see on the Barrie. Grab a pair while they’re available in stock.

Also pictured is the exact same pair, 12 years old, with very minimal polishing. The patina is amazing and the wear on the shell is equally so. This pair is a testament to the value in a pair of Alden shoes made with Horween shell cordovan.


11 Responses to Alden Shoe – Barrie NST (LSW)

  1. Aloha Tom,
    Color 8 NST is a beautiful shoe. On the barrie last it is even better


  2. Interested in Alden color 8 NST on Barrie last in 14d

    Please let me know availability


  3. Tom,

    Great looking shoe! What is the sole? Do you have an 8D available?

  4. Do you have an 5.5D available?

  5. Wang-Yeh Lee on

    Dear Tom:

    Do you have a 7 1/2 E in stock? Or could I pre-order this size?

    Wang-Yeh Lee

  6. Scott Campbell on


    Do you have these in an 11 D ?


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