Alden Shoe – Our Favorite Casual Shoe


May 1, 2013

Although we pride ourselves on our Leather Soul exclusive makeup models, most people don’t realize that our bread and butter has always been Alden’s stock model offerings.

Within their stock range, the unlined suede chukkas, 1492/1493/1494, are our favorite casual shoe Alden offers. The softness of unlined suede in a great looking chukka pattern that wraps your ankles in comfort is second to none.

The Alden unlined suede chukka is available in three colors at all three of our locations.

(Leydon last, $485.00)

6 Responses to Alden Shoe – Our Favorite Casual Shoe

  1. What is the smallest size you stock please?

  2. ①What is the difference between Alden unlined suede chukka posted by
    May 1, 2013 and Alden Shoe – Plaza Lined Suede Flex Chukka posted by June 22, 2012?

    ②do you have the 9.5D?



  3. I really like the light-tan version.

  4. Are you currently stocked with the light tan in a size 9? Are these still selling for $485?

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