Tricker’s – Summer Suede Keswicks (LSW)


June 17, 2013

It’s been a while since we’ve had a Tricker’s restock but it was worth the wait after seeing these two suede Keswicks. This is also the first introduction of the new Tricker’s Itshide Commando soles in bright colors.

Time to replace a few of your sneakers with a pair of Tricker’s!


8 Responses to Tricker’s – Summer Suede Keswicks (LSW)

  1. Hi,

    Is that a beige and gray suede?

  2. Are these available in Los Angeles ?

  3. Can I order these to Los Angeles ? Thanks.

  4. Tom,

    These are super cool. I got a pair of keswick from Brian last year but seems to taken forever to break these in. Is that normal?
    tempted on getting another pair of suede but not sure if it will take as long to break in…

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