Edward Green – Galway in Bronze/Black Country Calf (LSW)


August 9, 2013

The Galway is the epitome of a British country boot. On the 82 last, it takes on an elegant persona, making it wearable in both dressy and casual situations.

We chose to make our version up with gorgeous bronze antique calf and black country calf on a Dainite sole.

(82 last, $1470.00)

18 Responses to Edward Green – Galway in Bronze/Black Country Calf (LSW)

  1. That bronze is gorgeous!

  2. The best Galway make-up I have ever seen.

  3. Do you have C-width?

  4. Hi.
    If I wear alden plain toe in barrie last is 8D,what UK size are my feet in this pair of 82 last, and also if I have a Visa credit card, how to buy this pair of boots?Thanks.

  5. do you any other colors in the galway? thank you…

  6. Hi guys,
    Do you have this in size US 12?

  7. Aloha :

    i wonder that is there still have uk 9.5 ??


  8. Hi – do you have this in a UK 6?

  9. Hello,

    I’m a size 9.5 D US size in C&J Coniston’s, I was wondering if you knew what size that would equate to in this last in UK size and whether you still have that size in stock.


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