Alden – Color #8 Plaza Cap Toe Boot Restock (LSW & LSBH)


August 26, 2013

Our Plaza Cap Toe Boot continues to be a top seller for us since we introduced it back in 2008. Our latest restock gives you two options, the original with blind eyelets and a new version with metal eyelets.

A double leather sole and regular, close heel welt round out the details of this extremely versatile boot.


15 Responses to Alden – Color #8 Plaza Cap Toe Boot Restock (LSW & LSBH)

  1. It’s so cool. Do you have a 61/2or7?

  2. Hi
    what size should i go for if i used to wear 8D in Barrie last?
    and do you accpet order from australia?

  3. 9.5Dus? Beautiful boot.

  4. Hi Tom,

    Are you going to restock these any time soon?


  5. Hi,
    when will you restock these? thx.

  6. Tom,

    I’m curious, did you order some with eyelets and some without or did Alden mess up the order?

  7. when are these back in stock?

    need a 8.5 D

  8. Hi

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