Tricker’s – Stow in 1001 Burnished w/Green Sole (LSBH)

The Stow in 1001 burnished continues to be the our popular Tricker’s boot. To change things up a little we added a green Itshide sole for this run at LSBH. It’s a fun way to put a little color in your step.


6 Responses to Tricker’s – Stow in 1001 Burnished w/Green Sole (LSBH)

  1. I wish you guys would always include a shot of the sole. Otherwise looks great.

  2. hi.
    are these available on 6.5 UK?
    I am assuming they come in last 4497, correct?
    Best Regards

  3. I got this pair from Joel over at the Beverly Hills store and I must say these are my favorite pair. Joel was superb with sizing information, many thanks LS!

  4. i second the request for a shot of the soles — i’d like to see the shoes from all angles.

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