Alden Shoe – Hampton Suede NSTs (LSW)

Our latest Alden makeup us the 6 eyelet flex NST on the Hampton last. Typically made on the Aberdeen or Barrie last with 5 eyelets, our version on the Hampton fits most foot shapes very well and the 6 eyelet pattern also adds to the enveloping and supportive feel on the foot. Alden’s flex welt coupled with their flex insole and oiled leather sole make for an extremely comfortable shoe, especially in buttery soft suede.

Available in navy and humus suede.

(Hampton last, $555.00)

8 Responses to Alden Shoe – Hampton Suede NSTs (LSW)

  1. Great looking NST’s. Using the hampton last is a comfortable, great-looking last for these, and the contrasting stitching looks sharp.

    Speaking of NST’s, we need to see that monk strap NST in cordovan back again. I think you did it in ravello (weren’t those the days) but color 8 would be superb – probably even better! Please.

  2. Those blue shoes with contrast stitching are beautiful. And on the Hampton Last! I hope the 10.5 D’s are not gone yet. Sending my email in right now.

  3. takayoshi tamai on

    当方現在バリーラストでサイズ81/2E 、モディファイドラストで81/2 Dを履いています。

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