Saint Crispin’s – The Elastic Sided Tassel (LSW)


October 8, 2013

Our latest Saint Crispin’s release is the Elastic Sided Tassel, designed by our very own Tom Park. On the chiseled last, but available to order in any last you desire, the EST has an elongated vamp and a higher placed tassel, giving a sleek and modern silhouette.

The elastic sided design provides great comfort and easy on and off access.

($1700.00, lasted shoe trees included)

7 Responses to Saint Crispin’s – The Elastic Sided Tassel (LSW)

  1. I love this shoe. Now that is craftmnship. To bad this is not available in the NYC area for me to try or get fitted.

  2. Those are incredibly good looking shoes! Excellent make-up.

  3. What color is this? Amazing.

  4. Is this shoe still available?

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