Alden Shoe – Snuff Suede Longwing Restock (LSW)

The Longwing Blucher, or LWB, is one of Alden’s American classics. We’ve released the LWB in almost every shade of cordovan, calf, and suede in the past. Our next few restocks will be the suede variations, starting with snuff suede. Tan suede and dark brown suede will be arriving shortly.


9 Responses to Alden Shoe – Snuff Suede Longwing Restock (LSW)

  1. Do you have a 7E available?

  2. Do you have 8.5E in stock?

  3. Thanks for the reply! Are those snuff or tan suede pictured?

  4. Do you have 8.5D in stock?

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