Edward Green – The Dover (LSW)

The Edward Green Dover is one of our essential models. We try to keep a healthy stock of the Dover in dark oak antique on the 606 last on hand at all times. Its Norwegian apron is stitched with a pig’s bristle needle, just as it was generations ago.

(606 last, $1415.00)

12 Responses to Edward Green – The Dover (LSW)

  1. What width do you have those in?

  2. The Dover in dark oak on the 606 may be the quintessential EG shoe.

  3. Do you have UK7.5E available?
    Thank you.

  4. Iconic.

  5. My regular size is a US size 10C. Do I need to size up to 10.5? And are there C widths? Thanks.

  6. Any uk 10,5 size left? And is it leather or dainite sole?

  7. Hi, do you have this in UK 6 ? Thank you.

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