Edward Green – Buxton in Rosewood Country Calf (LSDT)

Edward Green’s Buxton is essentially an unlined penny loafer version of the Dover. A handsewn Norwegian apron and split toe gives the Buxton its unique look. As an unlined shoe the Buxton is extremely comfortable, which makes it very wearable sockless, perfectly matching with chinos or trousers with no break, to complete the “LS look.”

(61 last, $1350.00, shoe trees included)

10 Responses to Edward Green – Buxton in Rosewood Country Calf (LSDT)

  1. Hello
    I normally wear uk 6 size shoes.
    I wear Edward green dover e606 6 size.
    How do I choose this shoes?
    Let me recommend my size.

  2. Hi, I would be a first time buyer of EG so wondering how this loafer is sized? I’m usually a standard US 9.5D. I wear Alden 9.5D in Hampton, 9E in Barrie, 9.5D in Plaza, 9D in Van. Any thoughts on what I would wear in this EG? And is that recommended size available? Thanks

  3. Am I correct that the 61 is the unlined version of the 65?

    Can you make any comparisons in terms if fit of either the 61 or the 65 to the 184?

    Gorgeous loafers, by the way.

  4. Do you have this in an 8.5 med US? I wear a 7.5 Lobb and 7.5D barrie.


  5. Hi,
    Do you have the size 5.5E?

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