Reyn Spooner – Made in Hawaii (LSDT)

Our latest Leather Soul x Reyn Spooner aloha shirt release is comprised of 5 patterns. Each aloha shirt is made on their modern slim fit and made with aloha here in Hawaii.

A slimmer silhouette featuring a tighter waist, higher arm holes, and a rounded bottom are some of the details that differentiate these from Reyn Spooner’s standard line. Also, these shirts are made in Hawaii, which is something we are most proud of.

Available in sizes S – XL.


4 Responses to Reyn Spooner – Made in Hawaii (LSDT)

  1. Titimon Santichairat on

    Hi, This is Titimon

    I would like to buy sizes S in Nantucket Red (Left pic on the first photo). Do you have it in stock?
    And how could I purchase?

    Thank you

  2. Watcharaphong C. on

    Alden size&fitting issue

    Hi ,
    I do own Alden indy boot in size US11 “E” fitting (Trubalance last)
    It’s very generous fit which giving me comfort for whole day
    but the problem is I have to tie the shoe lace very tight to avoid the heel-slip
    and it spoil the apperance of the boot by drawing the eyelet tab / vamp of the shoe too close .

    The question is “Is possible that I bought the wrong size ? I should go for 10.5E(barrier/trubalance last) for the next purchase ?”

    Regaards ,
    Watcharaphong C.

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