Edward Green – Dover in Gold Delapre (LSW)

Edward Green’s Dover continues to be one of our top selling EG models. Our latest variation utilizes a new leather offering, “Delapre,” an amazingly supple and beautiful leather from a tannery in France. For what it’s worth, ultra-luxury brand Hermes also utilizes this leather in many of its offerings.

Available on a Dainte sole.

(202 last, $1415.00)

4 Responses to Edward Green – Dover in Gold Delapre (LSW)

  1. Very nice. I am envisioning a pair of EG Tewkesbury loafers in Gold Delapre. Will EG offer other shades of Delapre such a chestnut or a dark brown?

  2. I have seen what another retailer calls Chestnut Delapre. Is that a separate color from the Gold? It can be hard to tell the difference on the computer screen. 🙂

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