John Lobb – City II in Plum Museum (LSW)

John Lobb’s City II is the epitome of a classic men’s dress shoe. The perfect shape of the 7000 last is very much evident in this design. Our latest City II offering is in Plum Museum, quite possibly our favorite shade by John Lobb.

(7000 last, $1265.00)

5 Responses to John Lobb – City II in Plum Museum (LSW)

  1. Hello

    I normally wear uk 6 size shoes.
    I wear Edward green dover e606 6 size.
    How do I choose this city2 size?

    Let me recommend my size.


  2. Hello
    Do you have UK8 for this city2?

  3. Probably the finest “burgundy” calf color on the market. Stunning.

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