Alden Shoe – Unlined CXL PTB (LSDT & LSBH)

One of Alden’s latest additions to their lineup is the unlined Chromexcel plain toe blucher. The unlined nature of this shoe makes it extremely comfortable and wearable either with or without socks. Horween’s Chromexcel ages wonderfully with wear and is very durable.

(Barrie last, $515.00)

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  1. These look quite familiar.

  2. This quickly became one of my favorites last year when I got mine. Super comfy spring/summer shoe.

  3. What color of CXL are these?

  4. Do you have half-sizes? I’d take these in 10.5D if available.

  5. Do you have this in a 9D…


  6. Hi Tom,
    I am a big fan of Alden shell shoes. There are many models that i would jump in if they ever available. I know that you are not offering rare shell by mail anymore. However, please don’t stop posting pictures of these great shoes. There aren’t many good pictures out there of shells and you have done a great job on those pictures.
    best regards,

    • Peter,

      Thank you for your comment. Sorry, Alden no longer allows retailers to post rare shells on their website. Some still do but they are going against Alden’s internet policies. Please follow us on Instagram for more pictures of our offerings.



  7. Hellow,

    Do you have it in 6.5D in stock?

  8. What type of sole? Metal shank?

    BTW – your photography make these look great. Hope they’re similar in real life but the CXL finish on other websites is not as elegant looking.

  9. If I’m a 10 in the Indy boot, what size would you recommend for these?

  10. What is the last for this model?

  11. Do u have these in 12 b/d ?


  12. Two questions.

    Are these unlined in the front of the shoe only? Seems like the images I’m seeing have lining in the heel area. I’m interested in a warm weather shoe, worn without socks or with very light socks.

    Also wondering about fit. I’ve tried a 6 eyelet Alden chukka in chromexcel, in a Barrie last. I measure 10D. I tried a 9.5 D in the Barrie. The width was a bit tight, with my small toe pushing out against the leather. Compared to a 9.5 D in the Trubalance last which fits me great, the Barrie last seems to be a bit narrower, with a longer, more pointed toe. As many of the models I like from Alden use the Barrie last, can you give me any recommendations for sizing? Not sure if I should try a 9.5 E or a 9 in a wider width.

    As far as ordering this model, can you get me any size I need?

    Thank you.

    • Arne,

      Yes, the front part of the shoe is the unlined part.

      If you measure a 10D and you wear a Trubalance 9.5D comfortably, we would recommend a 9.5D in the Barrie. Of course, there is no way to confirm without seeing you in person.



  13. One other question. Do these have a waterlock sole?

  14. i measure 10D. Are 9.5 these a good fit for me and are these available ?


  15. What polish do you recommend for these?

  16. Are you guys ever going to carry a boot in the Modified shoe last? Also, how come you guys aren’t carrying or releasing as much limited Alden’s like a few years back?

    • Thomas,

      No, we will not carry the Modified.

      As far as our exclusive models, we have been focusing on stock shoes during this past year but you will see more exclusives starting this Fall!



  17. I was curious when you might be reordering the shoes. I would be interested in a special size. Thank you.

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