Alden Shoe – Burgundy Trapper PTB (LSW & LSDT)


August 6, 2014

Alden’s #990 Plain Toe Blucher (PTB) has been our top selling shoe since day one back in 2004. So it’s funny that we’ve never thought about making a calf version after all these years. After all, as much as we love shell cordovan, there are many people who prefer calf.

After ten years we finally present to you the calfskin version of the #990 PTB. Instead of using burgundy “dress” calf, we chose to offer it in burgundy “trapper” calf giving it a slightly more casual and traditional look, guaranteed to patina and age with time.

(Barrie last, $535.00)

6 Responses to Alden Shoe – Burgundy Trapper PTB (LSW & LSDT)

  1. Great shoes – will you be getting them in any other colours? Brown or black? Cheers!

  2. 初めまして。日本語ですみません。もしおわかりでしたら返信ください。
    alden 990のsize 7 を探しています。日本で探しましたがどこも在庫がらなく、こまっています。もし在庫があるようでしたら是非購入したいです。どうかご確認お願いします。


  3. 日本語で申し訳ありません。
    ALDEN 990 サイズ6.0Dもしくは6.5Dを探しています。

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