Alden Shoe – Ultimate Indy Restock (LSW)


August 8, 2014

We’ve received a small restock of our original Ultimate Indy in brown Chromexcel. For those of you who have patiently waited for your preorder, someone will be in contact with you shortly. We have a very limited supply of available pairs for sale but they are already selling quick in-store so please contact us quickly if you are interested.


10 Responses to Alden Shoe – Ultimate Indy Restock (LSW)

  1. Hello All,

    Are you have 7.5E at Alden Ultimate Indy , in stock right now ?
    So, if you are got 7.5E, may I buy now ?

    Thx your reply


  2. knitsch, Wolfgang on

    Good Morning

    do you have 11,5E at Alden Ultimate Indy ?

    Thank for your reply

  3. Will Lau helped me get on a “dream list” and I was able to pre-order a pair
    Received the boots a few months ago and it was definitely worth the wait
    I’m a sucker for the commando sole and the Brown CXL looks (and feels) great
    I know Leather Soul’s retail model is not focused on online sales, but it’s nice to have the option as Leather Soul has some exclusive Alden offerings not available anywhere else….and we all can’t be lucky enough to live in Hawaii.
    Pau Hana

  4. hi, Do you have 6.5d size? how much is this one?
    If you donot have it now, when can I get this one and how can I do?
    plz answer me.

  5. Richard Wolstromer on

    Looking for Alden Indy 405 Chromexcel in size 9D.
    If you get them in please let me know.
    Rich W

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