Paraboot – William in Cognac Grain (LSW & LSDT)


April 1, 2015

Paraboot’s double monk, the William, is what we consider the original French double monk shoe. The classic version is this cognac grain calf with Paraboot rubber sole.


4 Responses to Paraboot – William in Cognac Grain (LSW & LSDT)

  1. Love the look of these shoes. Can you tell me what these are meant to be worn with? Casual outfits? Could this be worn with a sport coat? Due to the sole, it’s a bit of a query for me.

    • Charles,

      I would wear these with heavy trousers and a patterned sports jacket, chinos and a button down, or jeans and a polo shirt. Definitely more on the casual side but very versatile in my opinion.



  2. Are these slip-on shoes like loafers? Thanks.

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