Alden Shoe – Shell Cordovan V-Tip Restock (LSW)

Just in time for New Year’s, we’ve received a restock of both color 8 and black shell cordovan V-Tips.


8 Responses to Alden Shoe – Shell Cordovan V-Tip Restock (LSW)

  1. Hello. I’m Kameda. I go to Honolulu by travel on June 19, 2018. It’s expected to go to a store of royal Hawaiian, but I’d like to buy olden v tip 54321 and 54331 respectively, but is there stock? The size is 10D. Thank you.

    • Kameda-San,

      Sorry, we cannot say what will be in stock in June. It is too far away.

      Sorry, we do not carry the Modified last. Our V-Tips are on the Barrie last.


      LS Staff

  2. I’m Hitoshi, and will go there this week. I would like to know if there is Alden v-tip model, size 8 as a stock. If there is a stock, that would be great if you could let me know.
    Many thanks

  3. Hi Will, please let me know when you order the black shell v-tips again. Looking for 12.5D so I can sell my ‘too narrow’ 971s.

  4. My gosh those are beautiful…any idea when these will be back in stock? Size 9d (Barrie last) in black? What is the price of these beauties? Thank you.

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