Alden Shoe – Military U-Tip (LSW)

We took our Military Wedge Blucher and added a handsewn “u-tip” to create the Military U-Tip. A great looking alternative to the Indy Shoe for those who prefer the support of the 379X Military last.


10 Responses to Alden Shoe – Military U-Tip (LSW)

  1. Hello,

    I would like to purchase a pair of the Alden Military U – Tip in a size
    10.5 D. Please hold a pair for me and let me know how to pay you.
    Thank you.


    Jim Harrigan

  2. Lovely.

    Seems like a shoe for casual dress? With jeans?

  3. Hi Do you have 7.5d in stock. Thank you

  4. I’m interested in this shoe because I wear the modified last. The modified last is comfortable on my problematic feet. I’ve read that the military last is similar to the modified but that the vamp and instep are much lower. Would you say this is the case? And would my modified sizing translate for the military last?

    • Alfred,

      Thank you for the comment. Unfortunately we are not too familiar with the Modified last as we never sold it. We have heard that the sizing is similar however.



  5. Do you have size in 8.0D or 7.5D ?
    If you have them, I can go to Downtown and Waikiki.

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