Alden Shoe – Punched Cap 6 Eyelet Chukka (LSW)


April 25, 2019

Alden’s 1339 and 1340 chukka boot has been one of our top sellers for 15 years straight. We are humbled to meet new Alden fans every day who visit us looking for the 1339 and 1340.

For those who already own the 1339 and/or 1340, we present an interesting variation on the chukka. The punched cap 6 eyelet chukka has the look of our Jumper Boot but in a shorter chukka makeup.


4 Responses to Alden Shoe – Punched Cap 6 Eyelet Chukka (LSW)

  1. Chris Gruden on

    I’d love to take a pair of 9E off your hands!

    Do you have any left?

    Please tell me their color #8


  2. Sibhu Karthikayan on

    Do you have 9.5D in these?

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