Alden Shoe – Vintage Indy Restock (LSW)


May 24, 2019

Our Vintage Indys have been a favorite for Indy fans since we first released it in 2008. We’ve just received a small restock at LSW.


12 Responses to Alden Shoe – Vintage Indy Restock (LSW)

  1. David Capps on


    Do these boots run true to size? I wear an 11 in general but with Red Wings I wear 10.5.

    Is this the oiled nubuck that I saw in a video that you sold several years back or is this different?

    This is leather, not suede correct?


    • David,

      The trubalance last tends to run large. We always recommend purchasing your first few pairs of Alden at your local Alden dealer.

      Yes, this is oiled nubuck, not suede.



  2. George Carros on

    Hello! Do you have 9D. Let me know.

    Thank you

  3. This material looks alike as smooth tabaco shamois leather, is it the same?

    Do you have an available pair on size 7.5?


  4. When will you offer these boots again? Do they come in a size 15? Thanks.

  5. is it available for9.5 thank you

  6. When will you get a restock of this amazing boot? I will need a US 9. Thanks.

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