Paraboot – Avignon in Shell Cordovan (LSW)


January 2, 2020

Our first release for 2020 is Paraboot’s Avignon in Horween color 8 shell cordovan. Paraboot’s rubber sole provides comfort for long treks while Horween’s rich shell cordovan will age beautifully with wear and stand the test of time.


4 Responses to Paraboot – Avignon in Shell Cordovan (LSW)

  1. Hello. I am curious about Paraboot’s Norwegian welt.

    The Norwegian welt features horizontal stitching on the welt and through the side of the upper. Does Paraboot construct their shoes with a canvas rib?

    I ask because I would like to know if a cobbler could attach a standard welt, during a resole, so that there would be no visible stitching on the side of the upper? If so, I imagine it would have to be a storm welt (reverse split welt) to cover the existing stitch marks…. Can you please share your thoughts…

  2. Howard L Lanier on

    Is the Paraboot- Avignon shell cordovan available in in a size 12 D

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