Alden Shoe – The Ultimate Ranger (LSW)


March 2, 2020

Our latest shoe in our “Ultimate” series is the Ultimate Ranger. Featuring Horween Chromexcel leather and a commando sole, this Ranger shoe is the perfect casual/dressy casual shoe that will age beautifully as all Chromexcel shoes do.

(Van last, $630.00)

To purchase online please click here:

8 Responses to Alden Shoe – The Ultimate Ranger (LSW)

  1. Aloha!

    May I ask if you have either of 6.5D/6.5E of this style?


  2. David Cigich on

    Is this shoe available in size 12.5 or 13 medium ?

  3. Ken Yonemitsu on

    How can I purchase?

  4. Lee Finkelstein on

    Do y’all have The Ultimate Ranger (horween chromexcel, commando sole) in 9.5?

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