Alden Shoe – SC Tanker Boot Restock (Mail Order)


June 12, 2020

We’ve received a restock of the color 8 shell cordovan Tanker Boot and will be receiving the black shell cordovan Tanker Boot in a few weeks.

Three skilled women at the Alden factory are responsible for all of the handsewn shoes that go through the factory floor. It obviously takes more time for these handsewn shoes to be made but the wait is definitely worth it for this special detail.

Email or your preferred salesperson to place an order.

(Barrie last, $875.00)

4 Responses to Alden Shoe – SC Tanker Boot Restock (Mail Order)

  1. hi, do you have black 10 or 10.5?

  2. Hi I am interested in the color 8 tanker boot. I want to confirm that it has the mahogany edge. Also what last is it on ? I am a size 8D in Barrie.



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