Alden Shoe – 990/9901/1339 Pre-Order (LSW)


October 8, 2020

We are proud of the fact that so many of our customers are first time Alden owners. For many, the first pair they purchase from us is the #990, #9901, or #1339. These three shoes are iconic Alden models that every Alden fan should own.

With the current shutdown in Hawai’i, we’ve been closed since March. However, the end seems near as tourism reopens on October 15th and we plan to reopen Leather Soul Waikiki in the Royal Hawaiian Center on November 1st. With that being said, we’d like to offer a special pre-sale on the #990, #9901, and #1339 for pick up or free delivery in November-December.

Many times, unfortunately, enthusiastic first time buyers of Alden get disappointed when they visit us and their size is not available. With this pre-sale you can ensure you get that iconic shoe you’ve been dreaming about.

Please email for information.

2 Responses to Alden Shoe – 990/9901/1339 Pre-Order (LSW)


    Dear Leather Soul


    I live in Japan,I am Japanese.
    I can’t speak English well,sorry.

    I want to buy #990.
    My size is 6 1/2D(six half D)

    Style:Clipper Ox.
    Material:Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan
    Sole:Double Leather

    I look forward to hearing from you,thank you!

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