Plaza Shell Cordovan Monk (LSW)


March 4, 2021

It’s been a while since we received a new makeup by Alden. We were shut down for 8 months during the peak of COVID and although we are back open now in Waikiki, there are simply no visitors as Japan is still not allowing tourism travel.

As we wait out the storm, we really wanted to start offering our Alden makeups to our customers via a preorder process. We’ve received a single pair for photography and will start shipping them as soon as we receive enough orders to warrant a shipment.

A simple, elegant modern take on Alden’s classic #954 model, our Plaza Monk is simply beautiful. The Plaza last and a silver (versus gold) buckle create a modern look

Available in sizes 7.5-9.5C and 6.5-10D.

(Plaza last, $785.00)

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