Alden Shoe – Military Wedge PTBoot (LSW)

Alden’s 379X or “Military” last perfectly lends itself to a simple plain toe pattern. The voluminous round toe has a vintage American look and matches perfectly with casual wear.

Our latest Military last release is the Military Wedge Plain Toe Boot in brown Horween Chromexcel and a rich humus suede. The tan wedge Vibram sole adds comfort and durability.

Available in sizes 6-9.5D and 6-8.5E.

(379X Military last, $650.00)

4 Responses to Alden Shoe – Military Wedge PTBoot (LSW)

  1. Hi there can I purchase a pair please have you a 9.5E ? If not 9.5d please

  2. Hi. Do you have the suede Military Wedge Boot in size 7.5 D? The Barrie last in this size fits me perfectly. Does the 379X last fit similarly? Thanks in advance
    Dolan Simmons
    Raleigh, NC

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