Alden Shoe – The Comfort 907 (LSW)


June 30, 2023

Every man needs a black cap toe balmoral. But for a shoe you might not be wearing so regularly, a more comfortable version might be just what you need.

Introducing the Comfort 907. A lightweight rubber sole and a softer (yet still dressy) black calfskin upper make for the perfect combination of dressiness and comfort.

(Hampton last, $660.00)

4 Responses to Alden Shoe – The Comfort 907 (LSW)

  1. Hi, what last is this, and do you ship to Singapore? If you do, do let me know the charges to ship to Singapore.

    I’m 9 in Hampton, 8.5 in Barrie. Thank you.

  2. Size 13 or 14?

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