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March 6, 2014

Island Slipper – Back at LSDT (LSDT)

Island Slipper is back at Leather Soul!

If you can recall, we featured Island Slipper at Leather Soul Waikiki back in 2007-2009. We’ve always considered IS our favorite line of Hawaiian leather “slippahs” so we’re glad to offer them to you again.

Hand made in Hawaii since 1946, Island Slipper continues today with the same quality and tradition.

Check in at LSDT for new colors combinations throughout the year.

Available in full sizes only.


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John Lobb – The “JD” Lopez (LSW)

In collaboration with our friend Justin Doss (JD), we present the “JD” Lopez by John Lobb.

Justin or “the man in the hat,” is the Fashion Editor at GQ. Widely noted as one of the most fashionable men in the industry, Justin is known for his transcendent style that covers past, present, and future, in what we like to call eclectic preppy.

“I always loved John Lobb and wanted to remix the Lopez without trying to be fashion or ironic.”

Green misty calf was chosen for the main leather and a matching sea green suede penny strap was chosen to give it a nice detail. A November rubber sole rounds out the details.

The “JD” Lopez is available for preorder in a limited allocation of sizes and for MTO in any available size.

(4395 last, $1200.00)

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