Alden Shoe – The Ultimate Stomper (LSW)


April 10, 2017

When we released the original “Hawaiian Stomper” back in 2008, we never thought that it would be one of our most requested reorders 10 years later. There’s something about the simplicity of that design that made the Hawaiian Stomper the perfect go-to casual shoe.

The original premise for the design was to make an updated, low cut version of the Indy Boot so it’s funny that we never made the Stomper in brown Chromexcel, the leather used for our most iconic LS model, the Ultimate Indy. Until now…


2 Responses to Alden Shoe – The Ultimate Stomper (LSW)

  1. Angel Hernandez on

    Please let me know when these will be available. I am 6D.
    Thank you very much.

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