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BLA01 Before and After

The concept behind the Alden BLA01 shoe was to create a classic shoe that was comfortable to be on your feet all night long. The plain toe style was chosen to show “bar wear” so that ultimately we could polish it back and gain a unique “bar patina.” Here we present BLA Bartender, Art’s pair, pictured before with months of hard wear, and after with a polish by Will. We’re so happy with this first collaboration and hope you enjoyed it as well.

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Edward Green – Dover in Utah Delapre (LSW)

Delapre is a handsome, natural leather with a unique and less polish finish than EG’s other calfskins. It has an unrivaled suppleness and will develop a distinct patina over time.

One in ten skins can be selected for delapre as it demands a skin that is both thick and perfect.

To us, the Dover was hand’s down, the obvious choice of model to utilize EG’s “Utah” printed delapre leather.

(606 last, $1460.00)

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Winter 2016 John Lobb Trunk Show

Please join us as at our Waikiki location as we have our semi-annual John Lobb By Request Fair from December 15th through January 8th.

We will be presenting past, present, and future models along with over 100 different leather offerings for you to choose from. During this show, the MTO fee will be waived and historic models may be available to order.

To make an appointment or for more information, please email or visit our Waikiki location.

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