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May 2, 2018

Alden Shoe – Commando Barrie NST in Color 8 (LSW)

Three skilled women at the Alden factory are responsible for all of the handsewn NSTs and LHSs that go through the factory floor. It obviously takes more time for these handsewn shoes to be made but the wait is definitely worth it for this special detail.

This color #8 burgundy NST is a model we regularly stock on the Aberdeen last, but rarely see on the Barrie. This time, we’ve added metal eyelets, an antique reverse welt, and chosen the commando sole to give it a rugged, casual look.


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January 24, 2018

Alden Shoe – Bradley Loafer in Loden Green Restock (LSDT)

The Bradley Loafer has been a favorite of Honolulu businessmen since its release in 2013. We’ve seen various color ways but the original loden green has been one model that our customers have been asking for the most.

Loden green is more of an olive brown and works perfectly for the Hawaiian businessman outfit of an aloha shirt and chinos or slacks. It also looks great off the clock with jeans. The flex construction and buttery soft lady calf make for an extremely comfortable fit with or without socks.

(Plaza last, $545.00)

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