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Waikiki & Beverly Hills

November 6, 2012

UK Trip Report IV

Our next stop was a quick visit to our friends at Edward Green. It was a pleasure to see Hilary and Xavier again and to finally meet our liaison Helen in person.

Although we do not have pictures to show, please trust as when we say EG’s factory was quite impressive. Attention to detail was apparent at each and every step of the process which explains their extremely low 2% factory rejection rate.

We of course ended our visit with a trip to the newly renovated “2nds” room where we picked up 14 pairs to take back home as “omiyage” for the LS staff back home.

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Waikiki & Beverly Hills

November 3, 2012

UK Trip Report III

Next stop on our UK tour was John Lobb. If there was one thing we all took away from the visit it would have to be John Lobb’s commitment and dedication to not only quality but luxury.

After seeing the production cycle from start to finish we were amazed at the attention to detail and the extra steps John Lobb takes to ensure their final product is indeed a global standard for luxury and quality footwear.

Mahalo to Julia and all of the John Lobb Westminster Works staff who graciously welcomed us to their home.

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Waikiki & Beverly Hills

November 2, 2012

UK Trip Report II

Our first stop was the Alfred Sargent factory. Although we do not currently stock AS shoes, our friend Chay Cooper was very kind to show us around.

At AC they do things the old school way, something we can really appreciate. Meeting Paul Sargent was simply inspiring. His passion and love of shoes was amazing. The true family atmosphere at AS was something to be cherished.

Mahalo Chay, Paul, and the entire Alfred Sargent family!

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Waikiki & Beverly Hills

October 31, 2012

UK Trip Report I

During the week of October 21st, Tom, Takuya, Shane, and Bryan were fortunate to visit England, with visits to our UK partners’¬†factories. The main purpose of the trip however was to create our own line of shoes, branded “LS,” or Leather Soul. We hope to launch our line sometime mid 2013.

Our first visit was to Springline, England’s only proper last maker. During our visit we were able to start the development process of our first two lasts, the TP78 round toe and the JP07 square toe.

Stay tuned for more…

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