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Alden Shoe – The DT Blucher (LSDT)

Designed with the Downtown Honolulu businessman in mind, the DT Blucher combines classic style, versatility, and comfort to create the ultimate shoe for the aloha shirt wearing local man.

Tumbled rodanil soft calf coupled with an oiled waterlock leather sole make for all day comfort. The rich burgundy color matches perfectly with almost every aloha shirt in your rotation.

(Barrie last, $545.00)

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June 12, 2017

Alden Shoe – Cordovan Tanker Boot Restock (LSW)

For 10 years now, the Alden shell cordovan Tanker Boot, has been our fastest selling boot. So fast that they are never in stock and we haven’t posted a blog post about them in almost 8 years…

This time around we placed a couple orders without taking any pre-orders. We released them last week in-store but have a few available as of today for mail order. Email ASAP if you’d like to order a pair. These will sell out very shortly…


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June 8, 2017

Alden Shoe – BLA02 (LSW)

Our second collaboration with Tom’s cocktail bar, Bar Leather Apron, is BLA02, Alden’s original Tassel Loafer in burgundy dress calf.

As you can tell by now, the burgundy dress calf/antique edge theme will be the basis of our BLA collaborations. The color scheme not only matches the BLA branding, it really is a classic combination that goes well with so many colors and patterns.

(Aberdeen last, $550.00)

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